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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  August 31, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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dick cheney is speaking out. and plus, raging wildfires turn deadly in california. we have the latest against the flames. chilly start to the day, 65 degrees. good morning and thank you for being with us. >> we'll have more on that forecast in a moment, also, ahead, more on the discovery of jaycee lee dugard found alive 18 years after being kidnapped when she was 11. the investigators are expanding the investigation. we'll look at the emotional toil of being captive for that time. a keeping an eye on the
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developing wildfires in los angeles. it's inching towards n observatory and that's where the transmitters are for the television and radio stations. the crews are dealing with the loss of two of eir own. two firefighters died when their vehicle fell off of a winding mountain road. some also have been injured. they'll not tell you to evacuate if it's not necessary. listen carefully, there was again, people that didn't listen and three were burned and injured because they didn't listen. so, listen carefully and immediately move as soon as they tell you to. >> fire officials could pull back the crews and the flames already charred 18 structures and they're threatening 12,000 homes this morning. that's out west and here, you know, 65 degrees. >> yeah, kind of chilly. >> yeah, big changes overnight
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and it will stick around today and the entire week, we're in for fall like weather. most will love it. >> let's look at the current conditions. >> 65 degrees. that's it and we've been in the 70s, 80s and 90s. 65 feels cooler. and the humidity is lower and the winds out of the north at 14 miles per hour. andw ve eed oyand we'll be cool and cloudy to start the day and we'll have sunshine later on ithaf rnioon. and there's the satellite and if you're south and east of i city, towards and and towards salisbury and ocean city, you're wakingup with spowerhavehave a nkwalen gt ishinon and thaten ee. sh we'll ha sunshine this afternoon and perhaps, mostly sunny skies and cooler this afternoon. >> and here's the forecast and we'll have more coming up. early clouds giving way to
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afternoon sun and showers and the best chance south and east of the city. high temperatures, you're reading it right. 74 degrees. that's it for the forecast. we'll get to julie wright right now. the kids are going back to school and keep your eyes peeled for the buses and no accidents right now we had a problem along randolf road. now, what we're hecking out is southbound, 270 at rockville and heavy volume on the main line and approaching a passing 109 and in germantown, heading towards crawford. and the next camera in virginia and lanes are open and coming across the 14th street bridge and no accidents and a slow roll off to head inbound and inbound, new york avenue, traffic slowed towards west virginia and montana and approaching the third street tunnel.
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that's the fox 5 on-time traffic. school is in session now. the first day of montgomery county will bring a flood of new students as well. >> there's a record number enrollment, the officials a looking at the swine flu symptoms. good morning, the kids are right behind you. >> reporter: that's right, we have the drumline from the high school here that came through and went back into the high school there and a lot of the students showing up, school getting ready to start at 7:25 here. and it's a very big day for the school district in general. and as you mentioned, 140,000 student, that's the number we're told and that's bigger than normal. and here to talk to me is the superintendent. >> oh, it's a beautiful day. the weather's perfect and the
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kids are going by. and i wore my red tie because of qo today. >> and are you ready for the additional students. >> absolutely, we planned for them. we thought about 140,000 we may have 141,000. and we've anticipated we can handle it without any class size increases and they could come in evenly. and we have about 1600 children out of private schools last year, because of the economy and quality. we have all of the schools in the top 3% of the country now. we have all of the high schools with high graduation rates and we're number one in the country and $185 million worth of the scholarships today and we have twice the college graduation rate of kids that go to college.
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the economic crisis had an impact on the additional students. talk about that. >> well, as the economy tightens up, it's difficult for people to pay private school tuitions. if they have a good alternatives with public schools, they tend o come back in. >> we've gotten several thousand and that's picking up. and then, people come to us because of the out standing quality. now, real quickly, i mean, obviously, that's good for the school district to have the students here, but something that's not good news, the h1n1 virus that the school districts are having to face. how are you preparing for dealing with that? well, we had an out break
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last year. we had the early season of it and then the summer season. we work with the health department on the protocalls in the state of maryland, the health department supersedes the school systems when it gets into these situations and we've started the protocalls for the inoculations and for the current flu. we'll do all we can to keep the place clean and to get the kids home and we'll do all we can to overcommunicate with the parents. thank you so much for being with us this morning. >> my pleasure. >> and again, steve and allison. school to start at 7:25, a big day for the district and for schools across the country. >> back to you. sara, live, thank you. and about 1300 students
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should get their permanent county. they spent their first week in temporary classes. the staff will work through the weekend. and officials said that human error and a new scheduling system caused the glitch. the upcoming vaccine could make it a shock season. they're trying to decide if it will take one or two doses to protect against the swine flu. adding it with the regular flu vaccine, you could have to have three shots and children could need four. columbia's president, the latest to contract the h1n1 virus is being treated at home. he started getting symptoms in argentina friday. the costa rican was the first head of state to get the swine
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flu. and colorado's airpor academy implemented the plan to ward off the h1n1 virus. it started with a midsummer out break, a hundred cadets were infected and they stayed until they were seven-days out from the on set and 24 hours symptom free. making head lines now this this morning. en dick cheney is speaking out about the investigation of the interrogation tactics used by the cia. he called it an outrageous political act and the methods used against the terror suspects were good policy and directly responsible to the fact there have been no similar terror attacks since then. we'll hear from him later on coming up. investigators hope that the loan survivor of an attack on a
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mobile home can help catch the killer. the man who reported finding bodies in georgia is in jail and accused of lying to police and other charges. en seven were dead on the scene. the man accused of the holocaust shooting in june is arraigned this week. he was indicted last month on seven counts. the shooting killed the museum guard, four of the charges make him eligible for the death penalty. 65 degrees on this monday morning. 18 years after being kidnapped, she's reunited with her family. just ahead as she and her family begin a long healing process. we'll talk to the psychiatrist about the tolls they're trying to overcome. and moreon the lives touched by ted kennedy. his mourners talk about the
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is better on tough mud stains than tide total care. wisk®. powerfully clean. perfectly priced. hi, welcome back, 7:14 on this monday morning. it's 65 degrees. >> it could be like september 18th. >> well, do you like the changes. >> yeah, but it will warm up again there. the the girls ready for it. >> no, two out of three. well, you'll do great today, schiller. >> and we have cooler temperatures and they're here to stay for the week. we'll start with the bus stop forecast. and we're back. it's really working in montgomery, too.
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>> it's going to be cooler and maybe a long sleeved jacket will do. we'll have highs in the mid-70s today. that will a locot iloler than e b'se it's been in the st several weeks around here. here are the cooler m 65agre t anl atnaioand 64 in new york and pittsburgh, only 50 and nacincinnati, 52 and we' have overnight lows in the 50s during the upcoming week. here's the satellite radaand the cloud cover, the area of low pressure is off to the south and east. ra and this is overdoing it here in washington and the beof t ts south endoft the city. and if you get st. mary's county, you'll have showers. here in washington, clouds to start the day and we'll see the sunshine building in and high pressure is pushing the storm to sea during the course of the day today. morning clouds and afternoon sun and 74 degrees and look at that. great sunshine and temperatures
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in the upper 70s to aout 80 and lower humidity, fall is here to stay. >> and i think it's good looking. >> yeah, it's real good looking. >> nothing to complain about. >> and let's check in with jewel -- julie wright. >> yeah, on the the roads. >> well,. [ indiscernible ] >> southbound, 270, again, a change in the traffic patterns. all summer long, we've enjoyed a nice easy ride. the kids are back to school and you're back to work and we're backed up. southbound, 270, leaving gaithersburg. more delays leaving 28 out of rockville towards the split. the eastbound, along 66 and 50 and 123, it's heavy and steady. and beltway in virginia, we're
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slow there and 395 and slow and coming across the 395 bridge. that's what's open. a twist in a murder case. the man who abducted jaycee lee dugard -- could be a murderer. the police are gathering evidence from his home. he and his wife were rrested last week of kidnapping the 29- year-old. the police are searching for evidence linking that man to several prostitute murders in the 90s. >> you know, it's too early to say what we're looking for. anything linked to open cases that we have. we're going thoroughly through both backyards and it's too early to say what we'll come up
7:18 am
with. >> and he's a registered sex offender and allegedly snatched the girl when she was on her way home from school. he sexually abused her and fathered two children with her and held her captive in sheds and tents in her yard. and with more on insight, we vea doctor with us. >> good morning, allison. >> and more about what shocked me about this. people want to know, why didn't she run away. i'm no psychiatrist, but i have a good grasp on it. >> well, it's an understanding question to ask, but it's not terribly surprising. people under great danger feel a sense of helplessness and they're frozen in a psychological state that keeps them from fleeing or from fighting back. so, this is -- we see that. >> and is that the same thing
7:19 am
that we're seeing about the stockholm syndrome. >> that's what it is. the same syndrome where, when you're -- it's adaptive to shutdown and go along with what's expected of you. what happens is you can't get out of it to survive and shutdown. you stay in the psychological rut and that's where you proceed. especially someone as young as she was. >> and we see instances of captives running, is that a personality trait. >> well, it can be different. and first of all, the age of the person, the sort of psychological temperment of the person. it can be the perception of
7:20 am
danger. and you'll see people reacting differently. and some recognize and this is the chance to get out. and in a situation where you have a young woman and adults overpowering her, that's not surprising. >> and she's older and she mothers the two children, this is whole different level she's dealinwith and the reports are that the kids are fathered by the man and they wept when they saw him taken away. >> well, that's not surprising, this is the new normal for them. you'll see in victim of the stockholm syndrome, the since if they're not experiencing pain and aggression from a person, this is an act of kindness, they're feeding them and clothing them and giving them a place to sleep. they don't see that this is a
7:21 am
person victimizing them. you'll have a distortion of their thinking, this is my savior. >> what in the world happens now? when we report these stories, still, we're like, what happens though, we ow it doesn't end when they just reunite. >> you're right, it will ba long road. jaycee lee dugard will have to thaw out from the state and her kids have known nothing else it will be tougher to teach them about being independent and trusting individuals and breaking away from family members and having families of their own. it's all something that has to be created from scratch. >> never been to a doctor or school or socialized beyond is yard. >> that's correct and this is a long haul for all of them. >> is there anything we cn learn from this? is there a teaching, a learning
7:22 am
moment as we've heard? in a sense, yes, all of us can see we have a version of a psychological rut. sometimes we don't do things that we know when he should because we're bogged down with a certain frozen state. there may be some out there battered spouses and that's something they can learn from this. and they can learn they need to get over the hump and get the initiative. and in general. we can learn that we need to allow them to -- >> i wish we had more time, i wanted to talk about that. he was known as creepy phil, no one got close and maybe we'll have another time to talk about it. >> thank you. and thank you.
7:23 am
and 7:22 on this morning. just ahead. bob mcdonald is speaking out about a college paper he wrote with views on family. and coming up, a chance to see the national cathedral a way that few have done it before. we'll tell you how you can do it with the behind the scenes tour. 
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bob mcdonald says to judge him on his last several years of work, not on a paper he wrote in college. he says his views have changed. coming up tomorrow, we'll be joined by m in the 7:00 hour and we'll ask him about the thesis he wrote and the other issues. and a silver lining to the bailout.
7:27 am
the new york times is reporting that the government hauled in $4 billion in profits from the banks that repaid their debt. the critics thought they would never see the return. and on the downside, the feds could lose money they spent to bail out several. time right now, 7:27 and coming up, we're checking the top stories. and plus, former vice president, dick cheney, lashing out at the president obama administration. and continuing to remember senator ted kennedy. mourners are flocking to his grave site. 
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out west, firefighters are trying to contain a wildfire and they're mourning the loss
7:31 am
of their own as two firefighters died as their vehicle was overcome by fast moving flames wildfire threatening 12,000 homes north of los angeles, it looks like it's heading to an area home of all of the tv transnitters in the area. >> and it will be windy and 90 to 92 in downtown l.a. and 100 where the fire's burning. >> well, they can't catch a break when they're on a roll. >> well, it's a dry season to them and towards the early fall, the vegetation is very, very dry. they're at risk this time of the year. >> we're not doing bad. >> well, we've had plenty of in e lloretume arvimoving in ngert he here, they'll be here all week long. te srttah witto s da th thcloud ll notie
7:32 am
cover and we have light showers that are trying to make their way into washington. radar's overdoing it a little bit. but you could see showers or not -- on the way to work and south and west of fredericksburg, we have another band howers all associated with an area of low pressure and it will brush by the washington area during the next few hours. and north and west of the city, you'll be fine and dry and here in town and south and east we'll have sprinthesf y. odae let's go to the satellite and radar and you're be able to see, well, no area of low pressure, but it's done there and there's the area of storms along the frontal system that came through the course of the weekend. we'll watch that getting dragged out to sea and we'll have more and more sunshine during the course of the day. and it should be a nice afternoon. and it will be sunny later in
7:33 am
the day. and cool, high temperatures will be in the 70s. and we have 80s and 90s here for weeks and mid-70s will be feeling cool. 62 in baltimore and 67 in this hour. and 50s in frederick and 62 at dulles and here's a look at your forecast today. and a lot of clouds to start today. it will be dragged off of the coast and we'll see afternoon sun and best chance of showers, south of washington and you'll see the radar, a few around town and wind out of the north at 5 miles per hour. and once we get the showers out ofhere today, we'll have a fantastic week. high temperatures, upper 70s and low 80s. overnight lows in the upper 50s and low 60s and the best part, the humidity, that's not going to be bad either. >> and julie wright has a smile on her face. will. >> i like the fact it will be sunny.
7:34 am
i don't like the 50s. i have to pull out the gloves and hats. >> you'll need a sweater tomorrow. >> and here we go, the kids are back in school, southbound, 270, a change in the traffic pattern. it's usually light and easy, but but not now. we have 109 through -- [ indiscernible ] >> more delays towards the split. and again, you're accident free and definitely in a slow roll along 27 a and you'll find 355 and the traffic lights out and. [ indiscernible ] constitution avenue at 23rd, we're keeping an eye out here and we have reports of the traffic lights out of sink. and keep that in mind if this is your trip into work. no accidents on 66 and the beltway. traffics closed between 50 and 123 and to the beltway.
7:35 am
another big story, dick cheney lashing out at the obama administration again. >> a new in the investigation is outrageous and we're joined with more. >> good morning, in an interview with chris wallace, former vice president, dick cheney says that the white house playing politics with national security. >> reporter: president obama just returned from vacation and he's facing an accusation from former vice president, dick cheney. >> he's trying to duck a responsibility for what's going on and it's wrong. >> reporter: because erie holder is pursuing an investigation into the terror suspect interrogations and he's also said he wants to look forward, not back.
7:36 am
>> he's on vacation at mart that's -- martha's vineyard and going back. >> reporter: and others say that the attorney general should have an independant voice in the administration and a more thorough investigation is necessary. >> it shows we have an attorney general who is not pursuing the political agenda, but what law requires him to do. >> reporter: cheney says that the bush administration isn't getting any credit for protecting the united states. >> we had a track record now of eight years of defending the nation against any further mass casualty attacks from al-qaeda, the approach of the obama administration should be to come to the people and say, how did you do it? >> reporter: while many support the new probe, the white house risks angering others in
7:37 am
congress carrying out their own investigation. arlington national cemetery is the resting place for ted kennedy and it's there hat visitors will stop and honor the age of american politics that came to an end last week. >> reporter: a simple cross marks the final resting place of a man with a complicated life. at the foot of the hill, yards away from the resting places of his brothers lies senator edward kennedy. and a small array of flowers adorn the site. many stayed and staired and snapped photos from a distance. >> he endured so much and gave so much to the country and the world isn't as good a place
7:38 am
without him. >> some are locals and some happen to be in washington this week. >> he served briefly, apparently as a private first class in the united states army, like i did. i felt we had something in common there. >> reporter: more than 300,000 are buried here and including veterans dating back to the american revolution and aside from the tomb of the unknown soldier, this is one of the most visited sites. and in the coming weeks, the national cemetery will expect more morners to pay their respects to the last of the three brothers to take its place on the hillside. >> the people will comback, it's an historic spot and when anyone comes to washington, they'll come here. >> it's a place for folks to pay the ultimate price on behalf of the country.
7:39 am
and i would say, well, all of the kennedys, they fit the definition. >> we have more on the senator's life, death and tributes on for more on senator kennedy and links to his website, go to all right, it's 7:39 on this monday morning. coming up, we'll learn more about a story of survival out of texas. despite the coast guard calling off a search, a group of boaters are found alive and how they held on. and the redskin's preseason favorites. who's trying to play their way off of the bubbles, that's next.
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three fishermen lost at sea for eight days and the boaters are alive. they have an amazing story to tell now. they flipped in the gulf of mexico and the coast guard gave up friday and saturday, another crew spotted them and pulled them to safety.
7:43 am
the first request, steak! they survived eating a cracker a day and chewing gum. >> you have to do what it takes. >> yeah, for eight days. >> good ending to that story. all right, tucker. >> we're ushering in the fall in a mellow way. >> well, it's cloudy and the temperatures are cool and we have summer to talk about and we're going to the tropics. >> i'm wearing the fall to -- the brown to say, fall you,'re here. >> it's the color of fall, right. >> well, it seems l. it . ouaba tropical t a disturbance. it could be erica and it's, watch it here. it's begining to look more and more impressive. the hurricane center hasn't upgraded it yet, but it could be a tropical depression at any time and with erica, moving to the ndsat northwest, we'll have to watch it and the path
7:44 am
would normally take it here and porto rico by the end of the week. by the way, the peak hurricane season is in nine days. we're glotia cngse co setthe t of the hurricane season. we're at 65 degrees at reagan national and the humidity at 59% and wthe north at have miles per hour. -- 14 miles per hour. we have the light shower here getting echoes out here. w and it's iisghlr hot weo list hower on wayt ayto school and work, it won't last. a ips ee ast rea of shower east and it should be out of here by mi matongorte. ni sas we get hiun into the mid-to late afternoon. all right, let's go back to the five-day forecast and as we get into the afternoon, a high of 74 degrees and the overnight lows which, check them out. we'll have the upper 70s and near 80 with sunshine and overnight lows back into the
7:45 am
60s around town and i wouldn't be surprised if we had 40s for the viewers to the north and west. >> nice sleeping weather. >> let's check in with julie wright. she may argue against it. >> you can't argue with the sleeping weather. >> well, that's if you're at the beach and you get to hear the waves crashing on the sand. >> got it. >> 40 degrees, have mercy. i'm not ready if it. i'm holding on to summer. >> outer lupe here, below the speeds for those around 95 and college park and the lanes are open. southbound, 95, slowing down and no accidents on 270 and we're slowing out of germantown and the rockville is around the split. 395, in separate stretches and the pentagon, coming across the 14th street bridge. and there's a car in the right lane and inbound, pennsylvania avenue and as you make your way
7:46 am
to the bridge here. that's a check of the fox 5 on- time traffic. the tough reality for the redskin's players as they fight to get down to the limit of 75 players yesterday. and among the cuts, former wide receiver, marcus hagueen -- and fincher. another 22 cuts are saturday. one guy fighting to make the team again. and he also hurt himself with injured ribs late in the game. he was in practice yesterday and despite another stand out season, he was very much on the possible. >> well, it's always important. and for a young guy, everyone knows that's the most important game in the preseason. i'm looking forward to it. >> mason never played in a football game. he's been in three teams.
7:47 am
he never played special teams and in a real game. now, he has to play the plays he's in position. >> and one making his mark is mark oh mitchell and he hauled in his touchdown pass from brennan and he may be surprised at some, he's no surprise to his peerings on the redskins. >> i'm not impressed no more, i done seen it every day. he's been doing his thing, man and he's one of the guys that you see come anything and he says, i'm trying to fight for a spot, he's trying to fight to play, he want to play football. you like that in a guy like that. and don't forget to vote for the fox 5 high school game of the week. this week, it's not just game versus game, but state versus state. you have until thursday to cast your vote and we'll be live at
7:48 am
the winning game and we'll post the highlights on 65 degrees at 7:47 and it's one of the treasures of the district and it offers the best views of the area. >> but, much of the beauty weren't available until now. and tony has that story. that's right, it's a special behind the scenes tour at the washington national cathedral. it gives you perspective on the city and cathedral itself. some 700,000 people a year worship and visit here, we'll te you how to be a part of the tour and see the beautiful sites in town. stay with us. ? what about the drink and the chips? extra. think a $5 sub is a good deal? it's time to unthink. kfc's new $5 fill-up boxes, each with a side... and medium drink for just $5 bucks. unthink. and taste the unsub side of kfc.
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you can go up to the
7:54 am
balcony and see that. >> you can see the signature of the person that designed it? absolutely. >> well, i bet you see early morning tour members. >> yes. >> and let's talk about whatst above us. in the middle -- let's talk about what's above us. >> and they're keystones and they're a great place for carving and we have 800 of these all carved by hand in the cathedral and they're usually on the ground before they're put up, but not always. there's a theme in the cathedral about them. up there, it's moses and the 10 commandments. >> will you shine your light up there. >> moses is upside down and the big stone, it weighs 3-tons. it shows moses and tablets and
7:55 am
there are 10 smaller stones around that and they represent the 10 commandments. >> that's a fascinating thing about the cathedral. the attention to detail. everything represents something in the cathedral. >> absolutely and when it's thought out carefully from the beginning. the building tells you a story, that starts with creation and then the 10 commandments and the old testament and the new testament and as you walk from the front up the aisle, it's telling you a story as you walk. >> there are hundreds of stained glass windows and we'll look at the knave. i want to mention something about the tours. they're offered from july to february, monday through friday, 10:30 and 1:30 p.m. there's a suggested donation of $10, i understand and there are some particulars about the tour, you have to be 11 and
7:56 am
older and what else? well, they need to be good walkers, you take an elevator. and you walk down. you're walking up and downstairs and you can't be afraid of heights because of the balcony and you have to be a good walker. >> and bring binocurs with you. >> and i would carry a flash flight -- and i carry a flashlight. >> and we're going to be on top of that knave, above the ceiling next hour. >> and that's the ceiling of the knave, but not off the cathedral. there's a lot to see up there. >> we'll go up there in a little bit. thank you. >> and thank you. >> and one of the most beautiful buildings in the world and we'll see it like you usually can't. >> no arguments there. it's 7:56 now on this
7:57 am
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go-gurt. freeze it. thaw it. eat it up. a massive wildfire in california turned deadly and two firefighters lost their lives battling the flames. the flames are threatening 12,000 homes. good morning and thank you for waking up with us. >> tucker barns is joining us with a look at the day. and we're starting out in a pleasant way. >> temperaturewise, it's pleasant and we have a few showers out here. and the showers won't last. >> and we'll have sunshine? it should be a nice looking afternoon.
8:01 am
we'll start with the cooler temperatures. 65 degrees. not that cool, but this time of the year, it feels cool and it feels like a falllike start to the morning. winds out of the north at 14 ehos r peur. let's take a looks urt ath saarllitad r and we'll ad we can . nd it's heaviest to the south and dsar i mean towards the beaches and even around outown, we had tshowers around oast. to. rg anha wil sh an se unshins awe get into, well, the second half of thday here. morning clouds and then afternoon sun. here's a look at the forecast. you'll notice the highs about 10egoores cesler than yesterday. c and 70s are the highs. tafern ooand shn erand tsnoon sun.
8:02 am
i'll be back and we'll look at the very nice workweek and we'll go back to the tropic, too. thank you. >> and now, let's check in with julie. >> i've got to tell you, the traffic's moving slowly and we have delays out there. especially from college park and bethesda. we're in the thick of it now. we have delays from the trucks dale area and traffic jammed from germantown from 118 and village avenue down 370. kennedy and madison, north east and washington between south dakota and eastern, that's where we have a water main break and 14th bridge, lanes open and no incidents reported and outbound here, minor fender
8:03 am
bender quickly moving your way. that's a check of the fox 5 on- time traffic. all right, julie, thank you so much, we'll learn if a scheduling conflict in prince county schools is cleaned up. about 13,000 students will get their permanent schedules this week. they spent the first week in the auditorium. and also, the first day of school in montgomery county today and teachers will see a lot of new faces. >> they're breaking for record enrollment and prepping to fight the swine flu. we have mo on it today. and sara, good morning. >> good morning to both of you. the schools got underway this morning and as you said, new faces is right. they'll see a lot of those and besides the 500 new teachers and 16 new principals in the
8:04 am
district alone. there will be 141,000 students across the county. that's a record number for the county. it's because of the crisis and this year, many have been forced to pull their kids out of private schools because they lost their jobs and trying to save cash. and this is the largest district in maryland. they believe they can handle all of the extra kids. >> hopefully we won't get so many it adjusts the class ratio. we're planning on the same ratios even though we're dealing with the budget problem. >> and now, the other problem they're dealing with this year, the swine flu, that's one of the other concerns. they're not sure what's going to happen with that, but the school feels, a little more, i guess, that they'll be able to deal with it. they had the swine flu out break last year. they know what to expect and they believe they're more
8:05 am
prepared heading into this year and they know the rules for when kids have to stay home and how they'll get the homeworko them. they feel they're more prepared. and sara, thank you. and swine flu fears have colleges scrambling. >> they're trying to prep for an out break if the campuses have to close. here's more. >> reporter: they're among the most vulnerable people to an h1n1 out break, college students. 18million nationwide. they gather in classrooms and eat together in dining hauls and put them together at high risk. administrators hope that education will help. and if that doesn't work, many have a hi-tech plan b. >> we have an amazing system, we can shift to online teaching
8:06 am
to the undergraduate situation. necessary, they're well, but stuck on going to class because we've had to shutdown the classes and they have to continue with the learning. >> it's called e learning and the classrooms across the country here have been wired so the campus is closed -- the classroom can be brought to the student. ng using online educational problems like black boards, the kids can keep up with the classes. in general, you would see the lectured notes and any discussion forms about the lecture and your assignment and you could take an online test. >> reporter: the cdc added 19 to 24-year-olds to the first priority group for the vaccine. it will be ready late october, but the students feel safe knowing that if the campus is shutdown, they can log on. >> i would be relieved to know that they have a system set up for this.
8:07 am
with the ten week quarter, if you miss a day of class, you're really far behind. >> i would go to the shore and do the classes online. i would feel like a little vacation and still at school. unfortunately, one college campus is already hit with an out break of the swine flu. 100 cadets at the air force academy are hit with the virus, in the meantime, if anyone's showing symptoms, they're being treated as if they have h1n1. now, columbian officials are contacting everyone that had contact with the president because he had the h1n1. president obama and his family are back at the white house after a vacation at martha's vineyard. there they're landing there and they played golf and went for a bike ride.
8:08 am
he paused to announce that he wanted ben bernanke to serve another they were and he delivered ted kennedy's eulogy in boston. they'll go to camp david over the labor day weekend. senator edward kennedy was layed to rest at arlington national cemetery this weekend and large crowds came to his grave site and he's buried near his two brothers and it was closed off at noon yesterday so vickie could have private time. >> teddy endured so much and gave so much to the country. th without him. >> it's an historic spot and when anyone comes to washington, they'll come here now. >> katorenedsenator kennedy wa there saturday days after
8:09 am
losing his battle with brain cancer. and upext we're checking other stories, including violate weekend in the area. >> and a wildfire in california turned deadly and two firefighters nlost their lives battling the blaze. first work we'll -- first, we'll job of the job of the day, that's coming up. 
8:10 am
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8:12 am
time for a look at the stories making head lines. montgomery county police are investigating a murder. a 63-year-old, a man known for good deeds was shot several times in his yard early yesterday morning. witnesses say that the shooting may have come from an argument over money. a 48-year-old was gunned
8:13 am
down while walking down the 2900 block of 14th street saturday night. less than half an hour later, an hour and a half later, two were shot in the 6300 block of maryland. and a 73-year-old died. police say that the witnesses saw the man take off in a green minivan. it's time to check in with tucker barnes for the forecast. >> and let's get to it. good morning, it's time for the photo of the day. this is -- >> well, i like it! >> look at that. looking sharp. his family is a musician -- his family says he's a mucian and loves playing the drums he'll be a star. >> send us a picture.
8:14 am
go to and click on mornings. k th thank yo, toaro d ard to your concerts. >> we'll look at thda r.ra l 'lwek tthal radar. we'll talk about the shower activity. e it's not that heavy and we have a a p an frckd rig.deursb rd an pushing to ndurg. sr,weho ye eshower, don't towe despairing we rea.s mor sun wointoin ahe a. gos goto t d ndra a ar ar and yr -radaradandand f wll seate r oi' g oet le lot nog in puin t i tlagcldre hff e and the cl showers with it during the course of the day. we'll start with clouds and we'll end the day with sunshine and then, we'll be in for a ew unseasonably cooler temperatures. remember, it's only the e nd of august and end of september.
8:15 am
53 in pittsburgh. 54 in cincinnati and we're off to cooler start and we'll have the afternoon highs in the middle 70ed and we're been in the 80ss and 90s. and lots of sunshine each day and low humidity and highs in the 70 and 80s and overnight lows in the upper 50s and low 60s. this is the perfect five-day forecast. we'll get to the traffic now. >> it's a great forecast towards the end of the week. and all right, tucker, we have the lanes open and no accidents to report. we'll slowdowthrough silver spring and kids going back to school. there's change in the traffic pattern and the volume is heavier because summer's come to an end. germantown towards the split. heading towards the douglas bridge, no incidents reported
8:16 am
and inbound, from branch to the sussa bridge, lanes open in each direction and kennedy and madison, we have a water main break. that's check of heff ratic. all right, julie, thank you. ra we're continuing to help you get a job by featuring a job of the day from the job shop and today's isah blt technologies they're looking for a ftbl al y papais to be e determined and the benetsfi intsude a 401k and medical, dental and disability insurance. if you would like more, go to and click on the job shop tab. now, if you have a job, maybe you want to get noticed more and today, we'll be joined with tips on making cash where you're working now. that would be nice. >> and a little more bang for
8:17 am
your buck. what are the ways to go about this. >> well, right,the first thing is to focus on the hire up's priorities. this is not about you, this is about making the boss look good and the people that sign the paycheck feel good about what you're doing. >> and we need to make sure that we impress the right people. we need to focus on the company's larger goal and everyone sets quarterly goals. it's easy to find out what the priorities should be. throw the old play book away about all of the ways to dress for success and start focusing on the company's needs and not your own. >> and plugging into the larger priorities. this comes under the um umbrella. -- umbrella. >> yes, look at ways to bring in your talents, you want to increase the sales an bottom
8:18 am
line and whatever the things are. you'll want a direct link to the projects so you're working on the right things and getting noticed by the right people. >> how much is your own initiative. well, it s and that's where people get uncomfortable, they're waiting for orders and that's not what you want to do. you'll also want to act like a business owner. act like you own -- this is your business, you're really -- you're depending on the paycheck from the company. you really should show you're plugged in and show you're as interested in the company's success as your very own. and look for innovative ways, if you can to make a big difference in the bottom line and act like the owner. >> we don't want to show up the boss and make it look like we know more than them, but we want to be on the same page as
8:19 am
them. >> and the picture is to seek feed back and be open to other people's ideas and make sure you're listening to what others say and taking the feed back to heart. not just paying ear service to it. >> and this is going in and saying, tell me how good of a job i'm doing. >> you have to be more subtle than that. you'll want to share your work, go in there and saying, this is how i was going about this and hear the hurtles and genuinely seek the feed back and ask for how to do your job better. >> and speaking of that. get noticed without bragging about it. we don't want to say, we did this and this ad this. >> right, so, here, you're looking for specific things that you've done that have helped the company do something
8:20 am
more profitably, gotten to a milestone quicker or somehow or another, plugged into one of the larger goals that we talked about earlier and how you do that, focus on the wins and give credit where credit is due. the best leaders elevate those around them. this is not a one man job, this is not a one man show here. show that you appreciate the help that others have given and this is not you. >> it's not a situation where others saved the company and i'm the hero. >> well, likely, someone else helped you any way. bring them up and celebrate your own wins. >> and find a way to, to, to show you're helping in the bottom line with the company's success. >> and the more specific you can get here, the better off you'll be. really, when they can see -- you know, the dollar bottom
8:21 am
line here, then, that's going to help you get better raises in the future and that's how you become a company mvp. >> and we appreciate it. thank you, allison. 8:20 on this monday morning. it was a busy weekend for res -- rescuers. and we'll check back in with tony a little bit later. stay with us. ( music plays, tape rips ) ( doorbell rings ) you're a pizza delivery guy? well come on in, man! what you waiting on? ( celebrating ) mouthwatering toppings, fresh-baked pizzeria taste. i like to think i deliver more than just pizza.
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8:24 am
[ ship horn blows ] another sunday rescue. this one on the potomac near the navy search laboratory. and the call came in about an 18-foot pleure boat. the coast guard and several
8:25 am
others towed the boat to the airport and no one was injured. one cracker a day and bubble gum? not enough to fill anyone's belly, but it kept three boaters alive for eight days in the gulf of mexico. the coast guard searched for a week and gave up friday and another crew spotted them sunday clinging to the catamaran. they grabbed a six pack of crackers when the boat flipped over. >> i cannot explain any of this. you only see this in the movies. >> the whole thing's a huge testimony to the power of prayer all over the world and we witnessed it. >> and another crew spotted the ship wrecked men and besides the gum and crackers, they drank water from a tank used to rinse fish. amazing! well, 8:25 and coming up next, a look at other stories
8:26 am
making head lines. >> and a massive wildfire in california has turned deadly and two firefighters lost their lives battling the flames. you can see the flames burning at 5:25 california time and we have more coming up in the next half hour. and the writer and director of coco chanel is coming u with the fascinating live. tm 
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
how does jell-o sugar free pudding fit all that rich, chocolatey taste in 60 calories? ♪ ♪ oh, so delicious who cares? jell-o sugar free pudding. every diet needs a little wiggle room. investigators are hoping that a loan survivor of a killing in geoia can help
8:30 am
find the killer. >> seven people were dead on the scene and an eightth died yesterday. authorities believe that the man convicted of kidnapping jaycee lee dugard could be responsible for a spring of prostitute murders at the same time. the police say they held a 29- year-old -- jaycee lee dugard in their become yard for 18 years. and the initial autopsy results for d.j. a.m. came back in inconclusive. he was found dead friday. a crack pipe and prescription pills were found in the home. he's discussed past drug additions and he survived a plane crash last year also. we turn our attention to tucker barnes now. he's pulling the duty because
8:31 am
tony perkins is at the national cathedral. well, it will be a beautiful forecast. we have to get to the early morning shower and the forecast. we have a good band down 95 and that's pushing to the east quickly. i think after the morning showers and the morning clouds, we'll see a trend towards sunshine today. off to the north and west, we have clouds to start the day and we'll go to the satellite and radar, we'll show you what's taking place and the area of low pressure is across the carolinas. it will be taken to sea and as it moves from the area, we'll see the trend increasingly towards sunshine told we'll have a beautiful late afternoon and once the pressure's in here, it will be falllike. all right, you may sneed a jacket -- you may need a jacket out the door and 62 in baltimore and dulles and 50 in
8:32 am
hagueers town. -- hagerstn. afternoon highs in the 70s. let's see the system here, i'm in the way. >> well, okay, we have a few interesting, well, tropical disturbances to talk about. this is at the bottom side of the screen. it may be developed and if so, it would be tropical storm early coo, the 5th -- erica. it will be the 5th named storm of the season. we'll see if it threatens porto rico. >> all right, the forecast, early clouds, afternoon sun and morning showers are possible here and the best chance, south of the district and high temperature at 74 degrees. that's 11 degrees cooler than the high yesterday. >> and speaking of yesterday, let's get to julie right. >> i thought you were going to
8:33 am
go into john, paul, and ringgo. >> well, i don't know the words. that doesn't stop you at karaoke. >> we have the lanes open here and no traffic problems to report. and southbound, 95, on the ramp to the outer lupe. [ indiscernible ] . here we have live, this is at the traffic light to enter into the southbound third street tunnel and all of the lanes here are open. and now, if you're travel from if freeway, we have a stalled car there. stay to the left in order to get by. julie, thank you. and the d.c. fire in fact garretts are trying to find out what sparked a fire lasnight
8:34 am
called to the 3500 block of broad branch road. around 10:00, that prevent it from spreading to neighboring homes. in california, live pictures of what's happening as two firefighters died while battling the massive wildfire in northern los angeles county. >> this morning, their fire is threatening 12,000 homes and here's more details. >> reporter: what you're seeing is what a commander calls a perfect storm of fuel, weather and topography coming together. 12,000 homes are threatened and several destroyed. now, two firefighters died when their vehicles rolled off of a mountain side sunday afternoon. >> this is tragic, it's a difficult time for l angeles county fire department. and the men and women that serve, day in and day out. >> flames from one of the major
8:35 am
wildfires are about to reach mount wilson, it's home to ansmitters for every major television and radio station in the area and 2800 firefighters are battling the flames. >> i used to live on the other side of the town and a fire came close, but this could burn to the wall of the house and they'll hit it at the last minutes. many are getting our of the homes. >> i getting my babies out of there and get what we can get and lose everything again. like a year and a half ago. i mean, it's, you know, it's a nightmare. >> it was crazy. it hasn't been that close in a long time. we can just hope for the best. >> some progress is being made. >> we feel confident we'll be able to keep the fire out of the community at this point and we have crews in there and we're beginning the work with the dozers as the res moved into the favorable ground.
8:36 am
we're optimistic. >> two tried to ride out the storm are badly burn and the cause of the fires are not known. and 8:35 right now, coming up, you think you had a bad date this weekend, you may change after hearing about what happened to one woman. and it's monday, voting is open for the high school football game of the week. your choices are listed. to vote, go to and click on, excuse me, sports. we'll be at the winning match check up friday night. (announcer) back to school means back to busy mornings.
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we're on call with while exercise can be alternative for medical procedures for some heart patients. >> the 90% of heart patients that road their bikes regularly were free of heart problems after a year. and it can prevent bad cholesterol and plaque build up. it's safe to say that one couple didn't make the love
8:40 am
connection. >> you think the first date is bad. terrance mccoy, there he is. he met up with a woman with a wing choice. he thought her name was chris and he stole her car. how did that happen? he said he left his wallet in her car. he came back in frantic and he took her car. >> she said, oh, he took my car. >> we actually bought her food that day, we felt bad that day. it was awful. well, yeah. >> and her wallet was attached to her keys. mccoy, because he's the real mccoy and not chris -- stole everything inside of the car. they caught him using a picture. was he haunting her with a picture? well, his next hot date is
8:41 am
with a judge. >> she goes on the date and he steals the car and -- >> right. >> that's so low. >> right. >> but don't stop believing you can find love. >> yeah, i feel bad for the next guy. >> but it's got to be better than that. >> and coming up next, the other stories making head lines. >> and then, the writer and director of the movie, coco before chanel. >> and tony, good morning. >> good morning, everybody. we're taking you on a tour of the washington national cathedral. i'm in the attic of the national cathedral right now. we'll take a look. on the wall, what are the wine and champagne bottles doing there? we'll answer that coming up in a few minutes. stay with us, we'll be right back. ♪
8:42 am
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8:44 am
[ woman ] ♪ early light breaks through ♪ music and dance calling you ♪ just need that mountain grown lift ♪ ♪ before you share your gift ♪ ♪ now there's rhythm and sound ♪ making their hearts pound ♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ ♪ is folgers in your cup as we look at the stories
8:45 am
making ad lines this morning -- virginia's republican candidate wrote a thesis in and he attacked feminists and fornicators and he says that birth control couple for unwed couples is ill lodge call and his views have changed, he said. how have they changed? we'll ask him tomorrow, live on fox fox -- fox 5 morning new and dick cheney is blaming the -- he called the decision to investigate the spare gators a -- interrogators a political act. he says this was -- the kansas
8:46 am
city star says that enterprise ordered thousands of cars without air bags to save $11 million they're standing by the decision. >> and the national cathedral offers unique, behind the scene tours. >> this morning, tony is checking out the areas you can see as part of the experience. you have us intrigued now. >> well, it's a great story. this is part of the attic. this is a 10-dollar donation and you have to be 11 years old or older to cothe tour. we'll join our friend barry here. an hour ago, we told you we would be above the ceiling over the knave of the ceiling and we have a tour group now. and barry, this is a fascinating view, tell me what
8:47 am
we're seeing here. >> if you were downstairs and saw the great choir, we're on top of the choir, looking over the choir. when i talked about the vaulted ceiling, you're seeing the ribs and the boss stones. these things you're seeing here are the boss stones from up above. they're not carved up above. >> right. >> and you can see the monitor devices and then, the earthquakes -- and this is the steal. this is the only steal you'll see in the construction of the cathedral. >> oh, really. >> up above. downstairs, there's none and down here, we have the beams brought up here in the 30s before cranes were used. they're brought up one by one and rivetted here in place. >> and you have a hard job of it. >> and can you give me a sense of how high up we are right
8:48 am
now. >> or if you don't know? >> well, the bell tower goes up 600 feet. >> well, we're close to that. >> i'll let you finish the tour. we'll walk out this way and wave, you're on tv. >> and we'll go back into the other area here. this is a quick glimpse of the bell tower. if you want to take that tour, there's a climb on september 26thhere. that's where you wou go to get up to the bell tour. >> now, we'll talk to our friends we've met before on the show. we have the stone mason and foreman and shawn, one of the carvers and masons here. >> good morning. >> good morning, here's what i wanted to know. tell me about where we're standing. >> we're above the crossing of the cathedral, the central
8:49 am
vault. we're a little over a hundred feet of the main crossing of the cathedral. >> all right, here in the attic of the national cathedral. wine bottles and champagne bottles. why are they here. well, during the years of the construction of the cathedral. there was a tradition that the stone carvers and the mason and the construction crew would have in the old carver's studio on the west end of the cathedal. they would have the carvers and the crew would have a new year's party. they would clear out the shop and have a great party for the construction crew and the invited guests. and, they would have food and drink and then, they would break out a bottle of champagne and do a new year's toast and everyone at the party would sign the bottle. there's a lot of historic cathedral names on the bottles. >> starting on the top shelf,
8:50 am
that's around 1960 and it's roughly one bottle a year up until a few years ago. >> right, and then, the 2003, the carvers yard was still there up until 2003 and then, in preparation for the parking garage being built, that was the last of the buildings being taken down and the bottles would be put in the rafters. right before we had to tear down the shed there,i took the bottles out and we built the shelves and put them up here. >> we have to wrap it up. mike, can we show this picture of the shed. that's the shed and now, you can see the bottles up there. that's cool, great. and one of the thicks that -- thing that is you see on the behind the scenes tours. >> and if you want more information, we'll hook you up with their website on
8:51 am they have a variety of special tours and you can get the information at >> steve and allison, back to you. and already, tony, thank you. >> >> even if you don't own a piece of coco chanel, there's no doubt that your wardrobe was influenced by her styles. she was one of the 100 most influential people of the century. there's a new film about her life and now, the writer and director of the movie is with us now. i was getting a french lesson to pronounce your name correctly. and the film looks wonderful, i saw a little bit of it and there's so much on her, why did you feel excelled to make the movie about her life. >> because, coco chanel is one of the french incredible woman
8:52 am
at period where it was rare to be free and invent everything of the new yle of today, of course. she's a revolutionary woman. she's a feminist before the feminism, you know? she's successful and tragic and it's a complex personality and a wonderful actor to do the movie. >> and she has that, you know, you hate to say it, but the rags to riches story and she tried to alter it to have a more silver spooned existence in the beginning, but she had that rise to fame. you're left thking, what makes a person think you can change it and mix it up. she's very inspirational. >> yes, she was farmer girl in the center of france, she has no education and she creates by
8:53 am
herself, she's an -- [ indiscernible ] she's, like a survivor and she, she has done so many things to libber rate the body of the women today. you can't imagine what it was, so complicated and throughout the corsets and everything was too much and she mixed in a simple way, she was very, very clever and also very funny. and she had this relationship between two men at the period where, in the youth of, of her with race - and with a businessman, he's played by an american actor. and the lead, coco chanel, she's the perfect actress to play the lead? she's incredible.
8:54 am
when you see the pictures of her younger, it's like reincarnation, she has -- well, you have to be thin there, she has a body different than the women at this period because, also, she has a body different for this period. [ indiscernible ] i think she has the torrential advance and the -- has the french elegance and the french chic and the determination that had coco chanel. she's a determined person and that's amazing to see her and -- the actress, you have her in front of you when she was young. >> and regardless, as i said whether or not if you can
8:55 am
afford it, take something from the story. i have from the clips. just a trend setter in every way and it opens october 16th and it's pg 13th and there are english subtitles. >> yes. >> and all right, thank you. how is that? [speaking french] >> back to you. >> allison, thank you. 8:55 now and coming up, a special guest joins us in the studio and he's a man of few words. yes, for some reason allison still likes him. explain.
8:56 am
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i eat anything that i want. key lime pie, pineapple upside down cake, raspberry cheesecake... ... yeah, every night is something different. oh, yeah yeah... ... she always keeps them in the house. no, no, no. i've actually lost weight... i just have a high metabolism or something... ...lucky. babe... umm, i gotta go. (announcer) 28 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. yoplait, it is so good. >> one has been burned in a
8:59 am
townhouse fre that happened a short while ago. the injured person was taken to a burn unit and no one else was injured. no word on what started the fire. the fire is out and the firefighters on the scene of the townhouse fire in frederick this morning. >> why won't you talk to me? we've been trying. >> it's been so long. >> you're too, you need therapy. definitely the strong type. >> look at the guns. >> he's quick to anger as well. >> i won't do anything to hanger him. >> this is the wax figure, do we call them that. >> yes. it's the wax fix your of hugh jackman and we're about to have this blue ray dvd release coming up next month, september 15th and thanks for bringing him in. >> madame tussaud's opened


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